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    Picked blueberries and are the lingonberries ripe?

    We were out for a walk to the forest to pick blueberries and see if the lingonberries were ripe.Now is the time to bring home the riches of the forest in the form of berries and mushrooms.We were only out for a little while with our grandson and soon we had the berry picker full. When the Grandchild was happy and thought it was time to go home, we did it, cleaned the berries and then it became a wonderfully good cake.I also had the fresh berries in my breakfast muesli, the day on. So welcome and experience Swedish nature…

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    Nest Mini

    Do you want to listen to music? Ask what time it is or what the weather will be like? We have two Nest Mini, one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. They are voice controlled and light…

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    Do you like birds? There is a rich bird life in dalsland from this bird tower I took some pictures of Cranes and three Canada geese, yes they are three! Although the third is quite small and I did not…

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    Look but do not touch

    On a flat rock in the sunshine was this adder. I have taken the pictures with a system camera and with a large lens so I have been at a proper distance. In Sweden we have only three species, adder,…

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    Wild animals

    The wild animals in the forest are not always so easy to spot. But you can see tracks in the forest and have a little luck. You should be quiet and walk carefully so maybe you are lucky enough to…

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    Adventure Rock carvings

    It is still spring, 3 Maj -21, but nature is full of life.Spring flowers and birds met us when we went on a little adventure near us.At this place in Tisselskog there are ancient relics and many rock carvings.Here you…

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    Adventure Baljåsen

    We went on an adventure. Just a short distance away Bengtsfors we have Edsleskog.We visited two nature reserves first stopped at Bräckeängar a deciduous meadow, right now white anemones and blue anemones are bloomingbut soon the meadows will be full…

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    Wash clothes

    Can we wash our clothes if we need to You may have been out on adventures, hiking, canoeing or cycling.Then it can feel nice to be able to wash their clothes.There is no problem because in the upper toilet there…

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    Living room

    Here we have the perfect room for rainy evenings or for guests who come in the winter and want to sit down for a while and watch a movie. You have access to our Netflix or the Swedish channels we…

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    WC upstairs

    On the second floor we have a small toilet and there is the washing machine. There is a thing to dry indoors and in the garden there are also opportunities when the weather allows.