• Kostal,  nordicsolar,  Qcells,  solar panels

    Now we have installed solar cells on the roof

    The prices go up a lot so we install solar panels on our PhotoeverHome. For the sake of the environment and for the wallet. We hope to maintain the prices of the rental and photo products for photographers. We took in quotes from different companies, as they were quite similar, we chose to shop as locally as possible. The choice was NordicSolar, 350w Qcells and a Kostal plenticore plus 7, which is prepared for any batteries.   I have taken all the photos and I can be found on our website as  Fotografen i Bengtsfors

  • Adventure,  Canoe marathon

    Canoe marathon 45+

    At the beginning of August, a canoe marathon is organized in Bengtsfors, the distance is about 45 km. If you want to stay with us, you must book in advance as we are quickly fully booked. Actually, I’m not the…

  • Adventure,  National Park,  The forest

    A National Park near us

    Yes, we are also tourists. We went to the Tresticklans National Park and hiked a fantastic day in the middle of May. We parked and walked down to the new main entrance that is being built. It is going to…

  • Review Award 2022

    Traveller Review Award!

    We received a letter from Booking. It is a pleasure to congratulate all of us at Booking.com on your Traveler Review Award 2022. This award is proof that you have consistently surpassed that of travelers expectations. We know it’s not…

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    Nest Mini

    Do you want to listen to music? Ask what time it is or what the weather will be like? We have two Nest Mini, one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. They are voice controlled and light…

  • Adventure,  Bird-watching


    Do you like birds? There is a rich bird life in dalsland from this bird tower I took some pictures of Cranes and three Canada geese, yes they are three! Although the third is quite small and I did not…

  • adder,  Adventure,  viper

    Look but do not touch

    On a flat rock in the sunshine was this adder. I have taken the pictures with a system camera and with a large lens so I have been at a proper distance. In Sweden we have only three species, adder,…

  • Adventure,  squirrel

    Wild animals

    The wild animals in the forest are not always so easy to spot. But you can see tracks in the forest and have a little luck. You should be quiet and walk carefully so maybe you are lucky enough to…