Do you know that we have a photostudio?

In the house we have a room we do not rent. In that room we have our photo studio.
And then we have the basement where Magnus sits and works in his office, the door to the basement is locked.
So when Magnus goes to the basement, he enters through the basement door.

When we rent out the house to tourists, we have that door to the photo studio locked.
But we have an offer for you, if you want!
The offer is a free photography plus five digital files.

You may be wondering -Free why?
Well, it’s free if you agree that we place products that we sell in our company.
It can be photo books, pictures for walls or cases with pictures.

If you have the time and desire, or the weather is not the best,
get in touch and we will arrange a fun and unforgettable moment in the studio.

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