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A National Park near us

Yes, we are also tourists.

We went to the Tresticklans National Park and hiked a fantastic day in the middle of May.
We parked and walked down to the new main entrance that is being built.
It is going to be magnificent! And will be finished soon ( Spring 2022).

At the new main entrance there are handicap-accessible toilets, and a way into a new information building
and an accessible loop. ( really nice )

We hiked Bråtaneleden in normal shoes but we recommend hiking boots,
especially if the weather has been rainy or if it is early spring or autumn.

About Tresticklan National Park

The Trestickla area is a forested region without settlement and roads that is unusually large for Götaland.

The Tresticklan area became a national park in 1996. It consists of a total of 2,908 hectares of protected land and water.

The goal is to preserve a rift valley landscape with wilderness characteristics and extensive natural forests as well as a small degree of cultural influence. The area also is included in the European Union’s network of nature protection areas, Natura 2000.

Traces of people

The oldest traces of human activity are Stone Age finds at Boksjön lake. No other ancient remains have been found in the area.




Sweden’s 30 national parks represent a magnificent collection of contrasting landscape types and experiences.
In these national parks, you can wander through leafy beech woods and imposing mountains and experience thriving coral reefs, rolling sand dunes, magical forests and much, much more.
Get ready for an exciting encounter with Sweden’s finest natural environments!
Always free entry to all Sweden’s national parks and Naturum visitor centers!

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