Adventure,  Bird-watching


Do you like birds? There is a rich bird life in dalsland from this bird tower
I took some pictures of Cranes and three Canada geese, yes they are three!
Although the third is quite small and I did not see it until I looked through the camera.
Here you can hear what a Crane sounds like.
And the Canada geese.

When we went home we passed a lake where a Black-throated Diver bathed in one of many lakes.
25% of Dalsland consists of lakes.

Listen to the Black-throated Diver

Take road 172, when you are almost at the railway crossing before Bäckefors turn left towards ED road 166,
drive a few kilometers until you come to a rest area on the right, where the bird tower is.
If you want, you can then continue towards ED and then take road 164 home.

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