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    Wash clothes

    Can we wash our clothes if we need to You may have been out on adventures, hiking, canoeing or cycling.Then it can feel nice to be able to wash their clothes.There is no problem because in the upper toilet there…

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    Living room

    Here we have the perfect room for rainy evenings or for guests who come in the winter and want to sit down for a while and watch a movie. You have access to our Netflix or the Swedish channels we…

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    WC upstairs

    On the second floor we have a small toilet and there is the washing machine. There is a thing to dry indoors and in the garden there are also opportunities when the weather allows.

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    Upper hall

    The stairs lead up to the bedrooms, the living room, and a toilet with washing machine. There is also a workplace if you want to sit down for a while and plan or if you are on a business trip.

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    The bedroom

    The bedroom for two, here you sleep comfortably and comfortably. do you want us to bed for one and one just say. Here the sun rises early so do not forget to pull down the blind. the valve on the…

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    The small room

    This is the small room it has a bed a natuksbord with lamp. There is also a piece of furniture with a mirror just above. in the small stool there are rugs. The room is not that big but it…