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Nest Mini

Do you want to listen to music? Ask what time it is or what the weather will be like?
We have two Nest Mini, one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom.
They are voice controlled and light up when you say “Ok Google” take a short break and ask your question.
If Google talks too low, say “Ok Google -” Higher volume “, or lower,” lower “
Stop playing by saying “Ok Google -” stop “.
You can ask googel to tell a story, be resourceful it is a fun assistant.
Above all, you do not have to touch the assistants, just talk to them and they will wake up to life.

Google Nest Mini – Smart speaker for voice control of streaming devices and other smart devices
that work with the Google Assistant

The Google Nest Mini is a small compact smart speaker that you can use to control the voice of streaming systems and other devices in your home. Here you can gather your entire home in a single smooth and “invisible” system with voice control via Swedish Google Assistant – no redundant apps, screens or menus.

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